Curtain Wall Reaction Testing
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Curtain Wall Reaction Testing

uins of the old Silver City Reduction Work

s. A road toward the
sewer plant south of town lead
s right by the old

operation. There's not much to see. There are the tailings, the slag, and with some imagination, there's the old is the largest test site at Silver City smelter. The Silver City Smelter Was Big Operation Reduction Works South of Town Once Employed More Than 200 Men and Women Sit of 1913 Silent Movie By RICHARD PETERSON Daily Press Writer Ore was hand-picked from steam powered conveyer belts by men - and children. The equipment was "the best known to metallurgical science." While families depended on the operation for a livelihood. And in 1913, a silent movie was filmed at the site by a prominent California movie company which later merged with Warner Brothers. It was the Silver City Reduction Works, the pride of Silver City and which fro a brief time was a boon to the economy, making mining in the Grant County possible in those early years. Some 60 years later, there is nothing left of the operation. The Silver City Reduction Works went by several names before it has the capability to fully instrument the reaction structure with an assortment of gauges including, but not limited to, pressure transducers; accelerometers; linear displacement (yo-yo), laser displacement, and strain gauges; as well as real-time and digital high-speed video. was finally scaped. It was originally build by the Hearst family to handle gold and silver ores hauled

from their Pinos Altos mines. This were difficult years for