Curtain Wall Reaction Testing
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Curtain Wall Reaction Testing

r. In Mexico no one can be initiated, that

is, receive the unct
ion of the priests of the Sun a
nd the 575.835.5312

immersive and reinstating blow of the priests of Ciguri, which is High Performance Magazine (HPM)a rite of humiliation, unless he has previously been touched by the sword of the old Indian chief who has authority over peace and war, over Justice, Marriage, and Love. He seems to have control over, those forces which compel people to love each other or which drive them mad, whereas the priests of Tutuguri invoke with their mouths that Spirit which creates men and places them in the Infinite from which the Soul must collect them and rearrange them in its self. The influence of the priests of the Sun surrounds the whole soul and stops at the had shown me the way of Tutuguri. The Master of All Things picks up the reverberation. And it was at this boundary that the old Mexican chief struck me in order to reawaken my consciousness, for to understand the Sun I was not well born; for the hierarchical order of things dictates that, after passing through the ALL, that is the many, which is matter, one returns to the simplicity of the one, which is Tutuguri or the Sun, only to dissolve and be reborn by means of this process of mysterious reassimilation. This dark reassimilation is contained within Ciguri, as a Myth of reawakening, then of destruction, and finally of resolution in the sieve of supreme surrender, as their priests are incessantly shouting and af

firming in their Dance of All the Night. For it lasts the ent