Ballistics Testing
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Ballistics Testing

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ians lived were told by the romantic Spanish chroniclers. Still, they found only a poor simple people living by the soil and a little huntingÑbut no gold. Tiguex was not the only province along the river. There were others whose people had the same ways and peculiar customs as" the people at the Tiguex villages. One of these provinces was that of Quirex. It has been determined that this was the district where the Keres language is spoken today by five very primitive In

dian Pueblos. They are Cochiti, Santo Domingo, San Felipe, Santa Ana and Sia. Moved by an indomitable spirit and determination, a small band of soldiers pushed far north from Tiguex, past the Keres-spe

One of aking villages where another province was discovered on the upper Rio Grande. It was reported that two very fine villages were to be seen. According to some students these were in the vicinity of the present Tewa-speaking village of San Juan. The entire Indian population moved out at the sight of the Spanish. They retreated into the mountains where they said they had four very strong villages in a rough country where i

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