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Computer Simulations

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time working with

a large film crew. "What amazed me is that they used pictures of a lot of 'military equipment' and in the movie there's only one real tank," she said. It was a taste of movie magic - the company set up numerous plywood flats in the background. It's not only the tricks of the trade, but the astute perception of filmmakers that draws the admiration of rangers Wizner and Denton. "Being with filmmakers kind of rejuvenates my interest," says Wizner. "They point out things that I pass a hundred times every day and put a different creative light on it. I appreciate that." ZIA PUEBLO There are some special places in NEMRTCew Mexico that make a person feel enveloped by an altogether different atmosphere. It's not just the beauty of the surroundings -- n

EMRTCature at her grandiose best -- but the intensity of feeling that stirs one's soul. It's the clarity awareness brings, springing from the winds sweepinSPHg the tops of multicolored mesas, the joy in the stillness of teeming life in high desert

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