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d a strong role model in Allison Anders

, whose Gas Food Lodging (1992) has attained growing cult status. Set in Deming, the superbly cast drama chronicles the travails of a truckstop waitress (Brooke Adams) whose restless daughters (lone Skye and Faimza Balk) are just itching to get out of town and experience the world at large. Where does the open highway lead? Y

oung turks including Alex George {Cultivating Charlie) and Rex "Hoss" Thompson {God Drives a Pontiac) are just beginning to make a mark, reshaping the course of independent filmmaking in New Mexico. At first glance, their fascination with pungent satire and over-the-top vio

lence appears antithetical to the socially conscious overtures of Salt of the Earth, made nearly half a century ago. They came from outer space . . . and landed in New Mexico.

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