EMRTC SODAR /RASS Sounding System
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EMRTC SODAR /RASS Sounding System

EMRTC SODAR /RASS Sounding System

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nds down the cops, who go off to get a court order to force him off the federal land. Meanwhile, the rancher's daughter goes looking for her brother, who's on the pro rodeo circuit, and doesn't come back with him until the da, coupled with a Doppler radar, the y before the cattle drive." "How in the hell does a rodeo fit into any of that?" Usher asked. "We do a scene where the daughter finds her brother competing at a rodeo," Johnny said. "Maybe he gets thrown and busted up a bit. He's short of cash and down on his luck. So is his buddy." Usher raised an eyebrow. "You're talking Steve McQueen in Junior Bonner." "Yeah, a great movie. Anyway, the brother and his buddy agree to help out, because they

don't have enough cash between them to pay their expenses and enter the next rodeo." "And the rancher has issues with his son," Usher added, "because he never came back to take over the ranch." "Just like it's in the script," Johnny said. "Except now the son comes home because he's broke, not because he wants to make amends with hisSODAR old man. "We'd need a real rodeo grounds to film it." "There's a nice one just over the state line in Duncan, Arizona, a little more than an hour's drive from here." . "It might work," Usher said, "if we used tight shoots to film your boys, Tyler and Clint, saddle bronc riding, and edit in some crowd background noise and a booth announcer's voice to set the sce

ne. We could put the girl at the arena railing with your Hispanic cowboys, Maestas and Lovato, to establish her presence, and then shoot a dialogue scene with her talking to her brother next to a horse trailer." "Do you like the idea?" Johnny asked. "Can we get the rodeo grounds?" "For a song, guaranteed. It sits unused most of the year except for a short horse-racing season in the spring and a community rodeo in late summer." Usher pushed the laptop away and reac

The hed f/or a tablet." Are you up to pulling an all-nighter?" Johnny laughed. "Hell, besides rodeoing, that's what I do best." Chapter Five Up and ready to go at four a.m., Kerney checked the second bedroom for Johnny and found it empty. At the mercantile building the caterers had breakfast ready and Johnny and Malcolm Usher were sitting together, chowing down on scrambled eggs and bacon. With his breakfast plate in hand Kerney walked toward an empty table, only to be waved over by Johnny. He sat down wit

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