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EMRTC Office Complex

e Prescience of the

just, of equilibrium and of self-control. He who has truly imbibed Ciguri, the true meter and measure of Ciguri, MAN and not indeterminate PHANTOM, knows how things are made and he can no longer lose his reason, because it is God who is in his nerves and who guide

s them. "But to drink Ciguri is by definition not to exceed the dose, for Ciguri is the Infinite, and the mystery of the therapeutic action of remedies is related to the proportion in which our organism takes them. To exceed what is necessary i, contact s to VIOLATE that action. "According to the sacerdotal traditions of the Tarahumara, God disappears immediate

ly when one has taken too much and in his place it is the Evil Spirit w

ng in our power to make the gathering possible and that to this end we shall I provide them with whatever horses and supplies they may

need." I in the late afternoon of the nex

EMRTCt day I arrived at the little Indian village where I had been told that the Rite of Peyote was to be shown me. It took place after dark. The priest arrived with two assistants, a man and a woman, and two young children. He drew on the ground a kind of large semicircle inside which the revels of his assistants were to take place and he closed thi.

s semicircle with a stout beam on whichEMRTC I was permitted to sit. To the right, the arc of the circle was bounded by a kind of retreat in the shape of an 8 wh

Copyrightich I understood constituted for the priest the Holy