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Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center

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e beliefs of the Old Mexicans as dangerous. The present government of Mexico has founded native schools in the mountains where Indian children are given an instruction patterned after that of French elementary schools, and the head of the Department of Public Education of Mexico, from whom the French ambassador had obtained a permit for me, gave me

lodgings in the native school of the Tarahumara. Thu, s I had made the acquaintance of the director of this school, who was also in charge of discipline throughout the Tarahumara territory, and who had under him a division of cavalry. Although no steps had yet been taken in the matter, I knew that the official intention was to prohibit the next Peyote celebration, which was to take place in a few days. In addition to the great Racial Festival in which all the Tarahumara participate and which takes place at a fixed date, like our Christmas, the Tarahu

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on, but they do not all involve Peyote, and the Great Feast o