EMRTC Office Complex
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EMRTC Office Complex

irony that Hi Lo's genes

is was way back in 1960 when I received the call from Sam Peckinpah. When line producer Rudd Simmons first arrived here to look at locations in March of 1996, a terrible drought gripped the real Hi Lo country. The two of us drove more than 2,000 miles on dirt, corrugated roads looking and getting the feel. The Brits ca

me, director Frears, Working Title Films head Tim Bevans (Dead Man Walking, Fargo and many others), Barbara Da Fina, representing producer Scorsese, and screenwriter Walon Green. Helped by chairperson Linda Hutchison's associates, Kelly Cosandaey and J.B. Smith, members of New

Mexico Film Office, Rudd and I took them on a gut-chugging ride over about a fourth of the miles of our first trip. We had been in contract negotiations for more

as being paid. EveryNew Mexico Tech/one. That shows both stup