EMRTC Office Complex
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EMRTC Office Complex

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g restless?" Joe asked, as he shook Kerney's hand and nodded tow
ard his wife. "You could say that," Kerney replied. "She's threa

tening to leave without
you. When does

Email contact

Walt Shaw get back?" "Probably late evening. Why, do you need him for something?" "I was hoping to get a tour of the water conservation measures you've put in place on the ranch. Ira Dobson told me a bit about what you've done, and I'd like to profit from your experience." "I'd show you around myself," Joe said, "if we weren't going to town." "Perhaps some other time,"

Kerney said. "It's generous of you to give Shaw the day off with so much work to do." "Walt takes maybe a day a month to himself," click hereJ

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. "I'm not about to

say no when he needs to

Applied Research & Technology Division

get away." "Will he stay on after

Julia takes over the r

anch from you?" Kerney asked. Joe looked a

Program Development Division

little surprised by Kerney's


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told you that?
Well, I gue

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ss it's no secret. She pretty much has tak

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Copyright'm still the ramrod of the/ outfit. Walt will stay