12 Meter Drop Test Structure
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12 Meter Drop Test Structure

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tail end of his walk, heading down the hill in the direction of the town center, when his cell phone rang. "I've got information on that license plate," Flavio Sapian said after Kerney answered. "The vehicle is registered to Jerome Mendoza." "Tell me about Mr. Mendoza," Kerney said. "It's interesting stuff. Mendoza is an MTD officer assigned to the Lordsburg Port of Entry. Single, age twenty-eight, he's got a home address listed in Playas." "I just passed by his house," Kerney said. "What's his connection to the smelter?" "Unknown. I'm going to call his supervisor after we hang up." "I suggest you hold off on that," Kerney said. "If Mendoza is involved in any wrongdoing, you'd be giving him a heads-up." "Why wait?" Sapian asked. "As it stands, I have no evidence that proves a crime was committed, nor can I actually put Mendoza at the scene of the accident." "I understand that," Kerney said. "But for now you might want to treat him as a person of interest, until you have a few more facts." "Such as?" "The victim's identity, for starters," Kerney said. "What if it turns up that Mendoza knew the victim? You'd look pretty

foolish if you didn't have that information before approaching him. When will you know something?" "Tomorrow," Sapian replied. "That's soon enough," Kerney said. "If he's clean, it leaves his reputation intact, and if he's dirty, well, that's a whole different matter." "I hear you. Chief," Sapian said. "Talk to you tomorrow." Back at the apartment Johnny was nowhere to be found. G

rateful for the solitude, Kerney read several chapters in th