Medical Preparedness and Response for Bombing Incidents (MPRBI) Course
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Medical Preparedness and Response for Bombing Incidents (MPRBI) Course

d in 1913, a silent movie was filmed at the site by a prominent California movie c

ompany which la
ter merged with
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Warner Brothers. It was the Silver City Reduction
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Works, the prid

e of Silver City and which fro a brief time was a boon to the economy, making mining in the Grant County possible in those early years. Some 60 years later, there is nothing left of the operation. The Silver City Reduction Works went by several names before it was finally scaped. It was originally build by the Hearst family to handle gold and silver ores hauled from their Pinos Altos mines. This were difficult years for the operation, and a final crunch came in 1902. The plans was


New Mexico Tech and The National Emergency Response and Rescue Training Center (NERRTC) on behalf of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) National Preparedness Directorate have developed courses as part of the National Domestic Preparedness Consortium's curricula to improve the abilities of jurisdictions to combat domestic terrorism. The courses provide training to first responders at the awareness, operations, technician, or incident command levels. Medical Preparedness and Response for Bombing Incidents an operations level course, is one of several taught by New Mexico Tech (NMT) and the Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) and funded by The U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

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The sale took p

lace anyway, and Comanche Mining Smelting Co. was the new owner. The reduction works were build on a larger scale. In 1906, the newspaper had this to say: "The big red building in which this ponderous machinery is housed is 72 feet high and is by far the most imposing structure in theses parts, being 63 feet in width and 122 feet long. "A metallic conveyer will carry the ore from the bins to the large crusher, from whence it will be elevated... the oversize of this going to the picking belt were boys and men will be employed to pick out the different classes of ore that is to go direct to the smelter. "

The water for the mill will b
e pumped from the arroyo, whi

ch passes t

hrough Silver City and past the smelter... The lit

tle Silver City, Pinos Altos & Mogollon railroad hauled ore to this smelter, but only briefly. Comanche was a

bsorbed b


ween 250 and 300 tons or ore per day. Like Comanche, Savannah was also interested in buying ores from small mining operations. Again, the Independent - the weekl

y predecessor to the Dai

ught the director's eye. "Sundy was a

thrilling day for the Silver City people," said t

ridge and two large water tanks and incidentally furnished amusement for 2,000 people scattered over the surrounding hills watching the interesting events." Fielding directed a mock labor riot at the smelter and 2

00 actors rushed up the hill behind the smelter and set fire to the water ta

nks. As they rand down the hill, the tanks blew up. "The site