Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings (IRTB) Course
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Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings (IRTB) Course

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Scope of Course

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ng press releases

to The Hollywood Reporter and Yuriety -- both show-biz Bibles. Locally, Ralph Looney, a commission member and associate editor of The Albuquerqu

e Albuquerque Journal would soon join in. We had convinced a few people to come from the film capital to give New Mexico a look. By now the project was about seven months old. HOOKED FOREVER The wonderment of movies started for me as a seven-year-old boy during the Depression in the drought/oil-bust town of Hobbs. A few miles south of there, my father, WB. Evans, had turned our small cattle ranch into a tiny town called H

umble City.

The name fit perf    Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to View

ectly. He built

a school and a post office. I

n desperation he hand-dug an irrigation well that furnished the water for a big vegetable patch. The strawberries and watermelons flourished. We would haul these to Hobbs in

awberries and 15 cents for a watermelon. On one trip Dad gave me a dime a

nd suggested I might wish to spend it on a Tom Mix movie. Th