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-of the visual representation-of that geography. Chapin writes that "queries as to whether the spiritual levels extend up or down, or whether the topside levels are the same as those below, often elicit seemingly contradictory responses." (78) So if there is a probl

em for mimesis and alterity at the level of levels, there is also a problem, but quite a different one, in the next stage of presentation of the cosmos. We are also told (78) that "as conceived by the Kuna" there are three general areas where the spirits live-mountain strongholds, whirlpools, and clouds. This seems to me quite a different sense of spiritual geography than the levels, yet in its way it is even stranger because the sites exist bewilderingly as both fantastic and actual. They are physical sites, close at hand, with none

of the splendid symmetry of axial sculpture of the multiple-layered cos

w that world looks to thos

in the birthing song Muu-Igala, sung for a woman in obstructed birth and made famous by dint of Levi-METTOPStrauss's semiotic analysis of it in his essay, "The Effectiveness of Symbols." While Levi-Strauss follows Wassen's commentary that the song depicts the healer and his figurine spirit-helpers struggling through the laboring woman's birth canal to reach the stronghold of the Great Mother Muu, in Chapin's understanding they have committed the

crime of misplaced concreteness because it is not an actual woman or an actual birth canal through which the healer's spirit helpers fight their way in search of the real woman's abducted soul, but instead a spiritual copy of woman-of woman

in general, of the Great Mother who gave birth to all things!