Dr. Lopez - President of New Mexico Tech
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Dr. Lopez - President of New Mexico Tech

C. Frey, who has made Frij

oles Canyon her home for twenty odd years. She can tell some very interesting stories about the early days. She knows the countr

y and the trails, the flowers and the birds; and she still calls folks, who live thirty miles away, her

neighbors. She recalls many lonely hours spent with her baby in the stillness of the Canyon. She remembers how the sun would go down over the south cliff at twelve

noon and then how the day would change toward cold evenings and bitter winter nights. Ofttimes a howling wind would arise, then followed a cairn, and in the morning a foot of d

Prior to coming to New Mexico Tech in 1987, Dr. López held several key leadership positions in state government and education. Under Governor Toney Anaya, he served as secretary of the state Employment Security Department for two years and secretary of the Department of Finance and Administration for two years.

eep snow. And there was no way out of the valley except over the old north trail. She tells how deer pranced around in full view, unafraid. Wild turkeys rested upon the wall behind the old ranch place and could be seen from her

kitchen window. But she was never afraid and said she knew how to use a six-shooter if she had to. Mrs. Frey had told me many times, how, after a rough and tiresome drive from Santa Fe over fire trails, all supplies were packed on horses and mules

and brought down to the floor of the Canyon. A heavy pack mule, once upo

n a time, loaded with lumber, just didnt All Rights Reserved.